Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Adventure in the Keys!

Sunset @ Mallory Square in Key West

What an adventure! There were local artists, dancers and performers everywhere. These are just a few... above is the "Cat Man" and to the left is one of the fire jugglers. The girls were mezmorized by all of the fun and exciting things. we returned again another night only to see "The Dog Man" and

a magician. What a fun place!!!

The Butterfly Conservatory of Key West

Our visit to the Butterfly Conservatory was wonderful!!! The conservatory was just BEAUTIFUL! So many beautiful plants and flowers. There were TONS and TONS of butterflies fluttering everywhere, very few were sitting still. There were birds singing, a lovely fish pond, fountains and a waterfall.

The conservatory rule was look with your eyes only and if a butterfly lands on you. . .

it's good luck!!! :0)

Feeding butterflies...


This is the restaurant where we had the most delicious sea food and steak! Yummy:0)

What a view, and add a live reggae band...

The Lookie Lodge "Tiki Hut"

We had a nice evening pool side @ the local "Tiki Hut". This is the best place on the island of Cudjoe Key to hang and get good shrimp and burgers. We had a blast and so did the girls! :)


Here were are @ mile zero on the island of Key West! We visited the southern most point beach club. Paige and I had pina coladas while the girls sipped sprite:) We had a great visit to the island. The girls had the most fun chasing chickens and I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful plants, flowers and trees! the local bakery had the most wonderful cookies, macdamian nut cookies that were 6 inches in diameter. We munched on them for days! Before we left for Cudjoe Key the igrls picked bananas for Ariel... wow... picking bananas:0)

The girls @ the "Souther Most Point"

This is a picture of my favorite place in the Keys! Bahia Honda State Park! We loved it there and returned many times to swim in our "mermaid Lagoon" and enjoy the beach. Our favorite acitivity there was the day of sea kyaking! It was amazing to float on top of the clear waters and to see the fish and coral from above! What a wonderful adventure we had!!!

Thank you Paige and M. for having us!!! We love ya'll!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Summer sure has flown by thus far!!! Grandmommy really wants me to learn to blog, so I am giving it the 'ol college try. I can't promise any excitement, but I can try to post some info about how and what we have neen up to. After a busy week of Summer Camp @ church full of fun field trips, a house guest, vbs rotations, bible stories and rock & roll we headed to Carowinds for the Kahn Company picnic. Both Summer Camp and Carowinds were a BLAST!!!


Kitty came along for the ride and was a "Hoot" to ride roller coasters with! We took a video that is just hilarious but Peter and I cannot figure out why only the sound downloaded onto the computer... hopefully we will figure it out sometime, we have some great videos! The picture of Caroline to the right is @ Carowinds, she is standing on the NC/SC state line. We had fun riding the "Carolina Gold Rush", "The Vortex", "The Ricochet" and even the bumper cars, but we had the most fun on all of the water rides!!! Caroline got soaking wet and we all laughed until our sides hurt. The best part of the whole day is that the weather was fabulous!!!