Friday, March 6, 2009

STILL catching up....

A kitten's first Christmas!!!
Life IS Good!!!

God loves and blesses us unmeasurably!!!

Snuggles and Bijou....

The Joys of Christmas!!!! Snuggling animals...... a new DS..... gifts of the heart....

a hot cup of organic coffee:)

The birth of our Savior!!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

A First....

Vivian's first Christmas!
Caroline really loves her new cousin:0)

COOKIES!!!!! Christmas cookies are the best!

What fun to share with friends!!! The girls had fun making chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies:) yummy!

A Trip to the BIG APPLE @ Christmas!!!

What a lucky girl!

Crazy Kitty and CAM

What Fun!!!

ps.... I tried to post more pic form NYC. I lost some editing and could not recover them in the correct location!!! blah blah......

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